Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata hai 18th Jan Episode

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Akshara Agree to invite the doctor for dinner

Abhinav asked Akshara why she is studying Akshara replied that she want to become a lawyer. Abhinav said that then she should also give a chance to another lawyer to defend his client he also said that she should listen to all before giving any verdict. He said to Akshara that he knows that she did all this for her family. He said to Akshara that if everyone in the world refuses to help another then we did not find anyone to help he also said that God will never let anything bad happen to them. He said that if they all are together then everything is good for him. Akshara said to Abhinav that he never thinks about his profit and loss in anything and this is the best quality in him. Abhinav said that the heart doctor is also a very good man, Akshara said ok and gives him permission to invite the doctor for dinner.

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata hai

Kairav Introduce Arohi to Raj

Abhimanu was eating Jam he was worried about the card problem and then he thinks about Abhir. Arohi comes to meet Kairav she said to Kairav that she is very angry with him as he comes to the hospital but did not meet her, Kairav said to her that’s why he called her here to talk with her. Kairav introduce Arohi to his friend Raj he said to order something and that he will come back after making a call. Raj asked Arohi about her hobbies. Arohi said that she just likes to read books and music. Raj said to Arohi that he knows about Ruhi and that she needs a father. Arohi was shocked to hear this.

Arohi refused to marry

Abhimanu gets a call from Abhinav. Abhinav says sorry to Abhimanu for Abhir’s act. Abhimanu said to Abhinav forget about it and just move on. Abhinav invited Abhimanu to his house for dinner. Abhimanu agrees to come to dinner. Abhinav asked about his favorite dish, and Abhimanu said that he would like to eat some kheer. Arohi comes to Kairav and said to him why he is lying about her marriage to his friend Raj without her permission. Manish and Savarna see Kairav and Arohi fighting. Kairav said to Arohi that it was Savarana and Manjri who wants Arohi marries to Abhimanu. Arohi was shocked to know about it. Arohi said that she did not want to marry anyone. Manish said to Arohi that they will not force her for anything.

Akshara prepare dinner for Abhimanu

Akshara, Abhinav, and Abhir are doing preparation for dinner. Abhimanu went to a store and withdraw cash. Abhimanu thought that he should buy some gifts for Abhina’s family. Abhinav bought a shirt for Abhinav, football shoes for Abhir, and a shawl for Akshara. Akshara prepare dinner Abhinav said that the doctor wants to eat rice Kheer, and Akshara said that she will make the Kheer. Akshara wears a saree Abhinav thinks that he would purpose to Akshara but suddenly lights off. Akshara burns the candle.


Abhimanu comes to Akshar’s house. Abhimanu and Akshara see each other.

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